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Fairlight names new UK business partner

test 2 September 2008

AUSTRALIA/UK: Fairlight has appointed Total Audio Solutions as its new business partner for the UK, writes David Davies. The move – said to support “significant growth” for the Australian professional audio systems manufacturer throughout the UK market – sees Total Audio Solutions take on responsibility for Fairlight’s entire range of audio for video products, including Xynergi, Constellation, Pyxis and Anthem.

Established in 1996, Total Audio Solutions serves as a distributor and supplier for numerous high-profile pro audio companies, including Sony, Soundcraft, Shure, Tascam, Yamaha, Sennheiser and Focusrite. For its new association with Fairlight, the company has established a dedicated team to provide pre- and post-sales support, and opened a Fairlight office and demo facility in London’s post-production heartland of Soho.

The new arrangement was forged after a successful demonstration of the Xynergi Media Production Center earlier this summer. “We could see an opportunity to put this system in front of some of our customers and know that they would be impressed, especially with the razor-sharp editing facilities which nothing else can rival,” Peter Knowles (pictured), managing director of Total Audio Solutions, tells PSN-e.

Now, having secured UK responsibility for the entire Fairlight range, Knowles hopes to spread the word both in Soho and other British post hot-spots, notably Bristol. “Fairlight has got something that it can rightly be very proud of, and I think that if we haven’t made it the automatic choice by this time next year we will have done something badly wrong,” he says. “We have the expertise, the people and the added advantage of a location in Soho, so I think that there will soon be a very different perception of how Fairlight is viewed in the UK.”

“Joining forces with a highly respected and diversified technology supplier like Total Audio Solutions will enable us to introduce the Fairlight platform to a much wider audience and allow us to engage a much larger customer base,” added Fairlight’s sales & marketing director, Stuart DeMarais. “The recent UK-wide Xynergi ‘road show’ proved how much enthusiasm and potential there is out there for our products and we’re looking forward to an exciting year of growth.”


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