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Expanded Dynacord alpha system for major Bucharest club

test 17 July 2007

ROMANIA: Recently voted Romania’s best club for the fourth year running, Bucharest’s Kristal Glam now possesses an extended 20,000W Dynacord alpha concept sound system. The venue has been utilising alpha equipment since 2004, reports David Davies.

The original alpha specification installed three years ago has now been expanded by local contractor HSA Audio to encompass four Dynacord alpha x1-90 mid-high units, two alpha v1-90 mid-highs and eight alpha b3 subs.

Power is from a combination of six Dynacord L2400 amplifiers and four L1000s. Processing is courtesy of a pair of Dynacord DSP244s, specifically programmed for the space by HSA Audio.

Considering the appeal of the alpha concept, EVI Audio’s sales manager Professional Entertainment, Reinhold Wagensohn, tells PSN-e: “Being one the few audio manufacturers in the world capable of developing and producing in-house every single component of a sound system, as is the case with the alpha concept, we are in the rare position of being able to vouch for the compatibility of each of the individual elements and therefore the optimal functioning of the system as a whole. That’s a guarantee others can’t offer, and it inspires confidence among our customers because it’s a guarantee not only of optimal sound performance but also of long-term operational security.”

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