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Eventide announces ‘Angry’ plug-in

Murray Stassen 1 April 2014
Eventide announces 'Angry' plug-in

Eventide has announced the availability of a free plug-in called “Angry,” that analyses the emotional content of music by measuring the tempo, spectral components, dynamics and musical key to create a multidimensional signature of a song.

The plug-in then compares that signature to a database created by people rating angry songs.

Eventide spokesperson Giovanni Lamb, explains: “Until now you’d have to rely on your ‘gut’ to tell you if your song is as angry as you think it is. But the gut is a fickle thing. Especially if you’re in a bad mood.”

“Eventide’s Angry plug-in applies cold, calculating science to the task of measuring the emotional content of your music,” continues Lamb. “With Angry, you’ll know exactly how it feels.”

Industry analyst Josef Polka, comments: “It’s sad that a company with a sterling reputation like Eventide’s would even consider such a pathetic, weak-minded enterprise. Frankly, I suggest that they next work on a plug-in to help them make better decisions.”

Angry is now available to download for free. It is not copy protected and can be downloaded without entering an email address or any other personal information.

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