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Euphonix sells two System 5 consoles to Pinewood Studios Groupreeling from fresh body-blows

test 23 October 2007

UK: Euphonix has announced the sale of two of its large format dual-operator System 5 film dubbing consoles to Pinewood Studios Group. The Group – currently in the midst of a complete revamp of its sound department – will also be upgrading two existing System 5 audio consoles at its Shepperton facility to include integrated DAW control. And in another recent development for the California-based console manufacturer, a Euphonix 5-MC is at the heart of a new HD studio in the Netherlands, writes David Davies.

At Pinewood, 64- and 48-fader System 5 consoles will be installed in Pinewood Theatres 1 and 2, respectively; both consoles will be complete with EuCon Hybrid integration for DAW control from the surface. Meanwhile at Shepperton, the two existing Euphonix consoles installed in the Korda Theatre and Theatre 1 will be upgraded with the EuCon Hybrid option and will run the latest version 3.0 eMix software.

“Having a total of four Euphonix dual-operator film consoles in a facility as elite and well-known as the Pinewood Studios Group is both an honour and a compliment to Euphonix,” said Russell Waite, Euphonix’s executive vice-president of sales and product marketing. “The prestige associated with supplying solutions to facilities and mixers of this calibre reinforces the innovative and technologically groundbreaking direction [in which] Euphonix is moving.”

In other recent developments, Euphonix has also announced the opening of Pyntago, a new HD studio in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, that features a 32-fader Euphonix System 5-MC. The Euphonix system will control two Nuendo workstations via EuCon, the manufacturer’s Ethernet control protocol.

The facility – which specialises in HD AV post-production and provides HD education – has also become a Certified Euphonix Training Facility for the System 5-MC.

“Having mixed on all the major consoles and DAWs over the years, we know the problems and the workarounds. With the Euphonix System 5-MC, a lot of those workarounds become obsolete,” said Olaf Ramak, co-owner of Pyntago. “We were able to improve our workflow beyond our own expectations. Now our goal is to share this knowledge with other Euphonix owners.”

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