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Eminence Speaker to offer turn-key products to OEM customers

test 7 August 2007

US/CHINA: Loudspeaker manufacturer Eminence Speaker has announced _official_ plans to supply OEM customers with turnkey guitar and bass amplifiers, PA cabinets and systems design. The development emerges in the wake of the company_s recent unveiling of a substantial new manufacturing facility in China, writes David Davies.

As part of this service expansion, Eminence has hired former Loud Technologies’ engineers Benjamin Rawe and Dan Ryterski (pictured here with Eminence president Rob Gault).

Considering the development, Gault commented: “This is the next step in the expansion of Eminence, ultimately enabling our organisation to provide our OEM customers with a high quality, turnkey product engineered in the USA, but affordably manufactured in Asia under our rigorous and proven quality standards.

“Our customers will be able to choose from one of our standard combo or cabinet designs offered with an assortment of speaker and/or cosmetic options and private labelling, or we can take designs from our customer’s engineering departments and see them to completion. We will also be able to start simply from a customer’s idea, create a totally unique design for them and make the product a reality.”

Eminence Speaker recently unveiled a new factory in Dongguan, China (full story here ). The 160,000sq ft facility augments the company’s manufacturing base in the US and was developed with the intention “to better serve Eminence customers that were manufacturing in Asia”.

“Eminence Dongguan is quite simply a logistical solution for our customers building products in China,” sales and marketing representative Chris Rose told PSN-e recently. “If a customer is manufacturing cabs or amps in China, Eminence Dongguan is the most logical choice to obtain those products. If manufacturing in North America, Eminence USA is the obvious choice. We are going to retain Eminence USA as the site for our Genuine Eminence branded product production, but will also still be offering the same custom services from here to customers worldwide.”

He also noted that the Chinese government was “very receptive to supporting new business and supporting the growth of the economy. Eminence will be successful there because many of our customers have already or will eventually establish some sort of presence there.”

Headquartered in the Kentucky town that gives the company its name, Eminence produces loudspeakers for brands including Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, Yamaha and SWR.

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