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Electric shock for Duran Audio staff

test 14 December 2007

HOLLAND: On the evening of Wednesday December 12th, there was a power failure in the Zaltbommel area that was caused by one of the world’s most formidable war machines, an Apache helicopter. Just after 7pm The Royal Netherlands Air Force helicopter touched power cables crossing the River Waal, part of the Rhine, causing a loss of power to over 50,000 households and many local business’s, including Duran Audio’s factory, reports PSN-e.

Gerrit Duran, founder and president of Duran Audio commented, “I was at home on Wednesday evening when I heard a strange low frequency sound. I went outside to investigate and to my amazement I saw an Apache helicopter with its searchlights activated looking for a clear space to land! Shortly afterwards the alarm company rang to tell me that there had been a power loss at the factory and the news reports started coming in on the TV. It soon became clear what had happened.”

For employees who live locally, many of them are without power or heating. Early indications are that the power will be restored today, so hopefully it will be business as usual.

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