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Eigenlabs unveils ‘revolutionary’ new instrument

test 6 October 2009

UK: The Eigenharp is billed as “the most revolutionary new musical instrument of the last 60 years”, writes David Davies. In a press release characterised by impressive claims, the Eigenharp is also described as “simply the most expressive electronic instrument ever made”.

The instrument is said to allow musicians to play and improvise using a limitless range of sounds with virtuoso skill. It can play and record loops, change key, transpose, alter tempo, program beats, switch and layer sounds – all while the musician is performing live on stage.

Two versions are available: the Eigenharp Alpha (pictured), for pro-musicians, with 120 highly sensitive keys, two strip controllers, a breath pipe, pedal inputs and comprehensive software system; and the Eigenharp Pico, a smaller, more affordable version for all levels of player with 22 keys, a breath pipe and strip controller.

Eigenlabs chairman John Lambert tells PSN-e: “We anticipate strong sales in Europe for the Eigenharp range. There are a great many innovative musicians throughout the territory, and we feel the combination of expression, flexibility and performance presence of the instrument make it ideal for the European live scene.”

The products are available for pre-order now and will begin shipping from November 9.

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