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Earthworks augments Singing Christmas Tree performances

Erica Basnicki 3 December 2013
Earthworks augments Singing Christmas Tree performances

The Christmas spirit has hit the pro-audio industry, as Earthworks releases news of its microphones being used for the Singing Christmas Tree performance at Highland Baptist Church in Meridian, Mississippi.   Depending upon the year, there will be from 65 to over 100 singers on the tree. It stands 35 feet high, with nine rows of singers and weighs 21,000 pounds (9,525kg) fully loaded.

  Franklin Denham, minister of music at the church explained: “Over the years we had used conventional condenser microphones for sound reinforcement on the tree. About four years ago we converted to Earthworks and placed 16 SR30 high definition microphones on the tree.   “The Earthworks microphones make 60 singers sound more like 100. We are able to get more gain-before-feedback. This allows us to bring the choir sound up to a level that will balance well with our 21-piece orchestra and organ. An immediate bonus of the Earthworks microphones is a dramatic improvement in intelligibility. If a choir can be heard and understood, what can be better than that?   “I would also like to mention that we have an Earthworks PM40 PianoMic, which is just stellar. We use a few extra SR30s for solo instruments. The recent addition of an Earthworks podium microphone allows us to hear the spoken word with incredible detail and clarity either on, or off-axis. The use of Earthworks high definition microphones has made an incredible improvement in our church services and music performances.”    

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