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Dudderidge, Gabriel, Horn to receive APRS Sound Fellowships

test 3 November 2009

UK: Meanwhile, Chrysalis Music CEO Jeremy Lascelles (pictured) is to be the first Harewood Toast ‘proposer’ at the annual APRS Sound Fellowship Lunch. A fixture of the UK music industry since the early ’70s, Lascelles is the son of the Earl of Harewood, the founding president of the APRS and its current patron.

The Harewood Toast is to be introduced at this year’s lunch – which will take place at the Roof Gardens in Kensington, London, on November 17 – in order to allow a prominent member of the music, film and TV businesses to address "the relationship they have with the studios and service providers that make their products".

Peter Filleul, executive director of the APRS, commented: "We are honoured that Lord Harewood has agreed to the use of his name for this part of our annual celebration and it is particularly fitting that Jeremy should be the first to propose it. We see the ‘Harewood Toast’ as an opportunity to recognise the same spirit and enthusiasm for recording that existed back in 1947 when Lord Harewood became the first president of the APRS."

This year’s lunchtime gathering – to be hosted by Sir George and Lady Martin – will also celebrate the awarding of APRS Sound Fellowships to six more individuals who have made a "significant contribution to the art, science or business of sound recording", namely producer/engineer Bob Clearmountain, Soundcraft founder and Focusrite/Novation developer Phil Dudderidge, musician/composer/entrepreneur Peter Gabriel, producers Trevor Horn and Steve Lillywhite, and producer/studio owner Robin Millar.

Filleul tells PSN-e that the organisation received 35 nominations from the membership, "which included a very broad range of icons, heroes and aspirants. All the nominees are deserving of recognition one or another, but the Academy tends toward people who have contributed to the industry over longer periods of time and often in different areas. For example, Peter Gabriel continues to expand his influence in the creative, business, technological and political spheres – it would be hard to find a more appropriate recipient. The other great thing about this system is that since the recipients are invited to join the Academy, its quality is constantly growing."

Tickets for the lunch can be booked online by visiting the APRS website (link below) or telephoning the APRS head office on +44 (0)1803 868600. Special discounts are available for APRS and other trade body members.

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