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Dublin live music facility converts to digital with Digidesign

test 29 January 2008

IRELAND: A Digidesign VENUE D-Show Profile console, supplied by Big Bear Sound, has been installed in a revamped Dublin music venue. Previously the Temple Bar Music Centre and now known as The Button Factory, the venue has been the subject of a _1m-plus renovation that provided a new layout, expanded capacity (to 750) and a cutting-edge infrastructure. The same Curved Street complex also houses a sound engineering training facility and a rehearsal studio, writes David Davies.

The arrival of two new investors, Eoin Foyle and POD Concerts boss John Reynolds, helped to prompt The Button Factory’s shift from analogue to digital. Having already purchased several VENUE D-Show consoles for another Dublin venue, Reynolds suggested that The Button Factory should also go down this route.

The new set-up at the disposal of resident engineer David Best revolves around a standard VENUE D-Show Profile system, consisting of the console, 48-input Stage Rack and FOH Rack. Big Bear Sound also supplied the site with an HDx Pro Tools interface card, the VENUEPack Pro 2 bundle and a 250ft DigiSnake cable to connect the two racks.

“By the second gig, I had been completely converted,” said the previously analogue-loyal Best. “The desk is really intuitive and laid out so much better than other digital desks I have used – everything is much faster to find. The EQ is really responsive and sounds great; with most other digital desks it sounds plastic. And there is a delay section on each channel.”

Best’s future plans for The Button Factory include the provision of full multi-track recording and the installation of an Apple Mac Pro-based Digidesign Pro Tools|HD 2 Accel system at the FOH position.

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