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DTS launches Ultra HD audio at CES

Kevin Hilton 9 January 2013
DTS launches Ultra HD audio at CES

The next generation of 4k television screens is among the highlights at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and DTS has thrown audio into the mix with a complementary system for creating, distributing and playing back spatial soundl. DTS’ new launch is aimed at the emerging Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV market, which is based on 4k resolution (4096 horizontal pixels) and High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). Sony, LG and Samsung, among others, announced 4k displays on Monday at CES, which runs at the Las Vegas Convention Centre until Friday (11 January). UHDTV was developed by NHK’s Science and Technology Research Laboratories, with 22.2 immersive audio to reproduce the sensations of height and depth as well as width and length. DTS UHD employs both channel and object-based audio and has been designed to offer spatial sound over as many loudspeakers as users want. It is not based on existing cinema surround formats but is intended specifically for the consumer home and mobile markets. The technology is combined with other DTS products, including the Neo:X up-mixing system and the new Headphone: X. DTS is also making Multi-Dimensional Audio available to the industry as an open object authoring format for both creating material and delivering it to cinemas. Commenting on UHD sound, Fred Kitson (pictured), chief technology officer and executive vice president of DTS, said, "The DTS UHD solution will deliver beyond 3D sound over as many speakers as the listener would like. But UHD audio is about more than just a bunch of speakers. It’s about immersive sound over headphones. It’s about expanded features that provide enhanced value to content owners and distributors. It’s about offering the consumer greater choice and flexibility in their listening environments as well as a newfound level of engagement with their sound experience."   

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