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DPA microphones specified for Italian summer concert series

test 28 August 2007

ITALY: DPA microphones are being used for a series of summer events on the island of Ischia, close to Naples. The shows are being held at a villa, La Mortella, that for many years was the home of celebrated English composer William Walton, reports PSN-e.

The performances at the venue – overseen by the William Walton Foundation – are recorded via DPA microphones to CDs and DVDs that are available immediately after each event.

The first event of the summer featured the Orchestra dei Ragazzi della Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, directed by Maestro Edoardo Rosadini. Salvatore Zocco, product manager for DPA’s Italian distributor, M Casale Bauer, was asked by recording head Dmitri Tereshchenko to supplement the orchestral miking system with a total of six 4006s and two 4011s.

“The orchestra was situated on a terrace in front of the audience, and the brief was to keep the mics as invisible as possible,” commented Zocco. “Between the audience and the terrace there is kind of a ‘moat’ or large ditch between the two areas, meaning there was no way to place anything between the audience and the terrace, especially as the orchestra extended to the very edge of the terrace. Therefore, I chose a central position within the audience for a ‘virtual listener’ and worked out the best mic placement for the 4006s throughout the orchestra, using a pair of 4011s to add a sense of distance and ambience.”

Two of the 4006s were fitted with UA0777 nose cones and used in an A-B configuration at either side of the conductor. Mics three, four, five and six – all vertically polarised – were placed on an arc formation throughout the orchestra, with mics four and five (closest to the centre of the arc) also installed with UA0777s. Mics seven and eight, both 4011s, were placed on the outside of the orchestra near the front and directed inwards towards the musicians.

Performances also take place within the villa, where a further four DPA mics – two 4006 omnidirectionals and two 4011 cardioids – have been installed in a double A-B configuration for recording the musical events.

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