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DPA d:facto devotees

Murray Stassen 27 February 2014
DPA d:facto devotees

Fran Healey of UK band Travis and Marti Pellow of Wet Wet Wet are two of the latest vocalists to switch to DPA’s d:facto Vocal Microphone.

Both singers made the change based on the recommendation of their live sound engineer, Tom Wiggans.

Wiggans explains: “I have no problem recommending DPA’s new d:facto microphone because I’m so impressed with the results it has delivered for Fran and Marti – and for Dougie Payne, Travis’ bass player, who is also using one for his backing vocals.

“The d:facto’s clarity and ability to capture the true sound source without extraneous background noise has made a real difference to the way I work. I now have much more time to concentrate on other details because my vocal fader is just vocal, I don’t have to deal with anywhere near as much ambient mush bleeding into the mix,” adds Wigan.

Travis and Wet Wet Wet are playing live in coming months – Travis is off to the Far East in March and April, while Wet Wet Wet has a number of racecourse gigs lined up for the summer.

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