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DPA amplifies orchestra at Royal Exchange

Murray Stassen 9 June 2014
DPA amplifies orchestra at Royal Exchange

Portsmouth-based MLS Audio specified DPA Microphones to amplify a ten-piece orchestra at a corporate event for Bentley, held at the Royal Exchange in London.

The roof of the venue is 50m high, while the interior has 95% reflective surfaces due to an abundant use of glass, marble, stone and tiles.

Sound engineer and MLS Audio founder Guy Morris, says: “The original brief was for ‘a few singers and a band’. This became ‘a few singers placed around the room on podiums with a band at one end’ to the final translation of ‘six opera and West End show artists and a 10-piece orchestra’.”

“The artists had already specified that their preference was to use headset microphones and immediately chose single ear versions of DPA’s d:fine Headset Microphones,” Morris says. “The orchestra, however, was another issue because we had ten instruments to amplify in a space that was acoustically very challenging. We also had very limited set up time because the Royal Exchange is open to the public until 6pm and Bentley’s event was due to start at 7pm.”

MLS Audio bought DPA’s recently introduced d:vote Classic 10 Touring Kit, which includes ten d:vote microphones, adapters and cables, as well as a selection of 25 clips for a variety of instruments.

Morris adds: “With every mic offering the same consistent neutral sound, it was a simple tweak of EQ to suit each instrument. The gain was ample with a quiet noise floor, and the placing of the mic (although critical for some instruments as they are of a directional, supercardioid pattern) offered excellent results.”

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