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Domino’s deliver safety through sound

Erica Basnicki 26 April 2012
Domino’s deliver safety through sound

There is ongoing debate as to what electric cars should be made to sound like as the ultra-quiet vehicles pose a serious threat to pedestrian safety in their current, nearly-silent form.   No one is taking this debate more seriously than Domino’s Pizza in the Netherlands. Yes that’s right: Domino’s Pizza.   The fast-food pizza chain has developed a sound for their electric delivery scooters, making them audible to pedestrians and other road users. Not only has it proven to be effective, but the branded sounds are delivered with a large side-order of humour.   “We have chosen a sound that fits our product. Not just any engine sound and irritating horn, but a happy message,” says Domino’s marketing manager Carolien ten Cate. “When the delivery person honks it sound like ‘lekker lekker’, meaning ‘tasty tasty’. A stationary engine sounds like ‘Domino’s, Domino’s, Do-do-domino’s, Domino’s’, and accelerating sounds like ‘mmmmmmmmmmm lekker!’.   And no, it’s not an April fool: Check out the official YouTube video.

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