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Dolby Lake Processor finding favour with leading UK audio companies

test 6 March 2007

UK/US: Dolby Lake Processor (DLP) systems are currently out on the road with a number of prominent UK audio hire/production companies. Liverpool-based ADLIB Audio is among them, having recently taken delivery of two DLP hardware platforms and a pair of the LP8D8 Lake Mesa EQ processors, reports David Davies.

ADLIB – which already had two DLPs and a Contour loudspeaker processor, among other Dolby equipment, in its inventory – currently has Dolby Lake processing equipment out on the Nine Inch Nails tour under the supervision of FOH engineer Pete Keppler. Looking ahead to April, it is set to make its way around Europe on the Scissor Sisters’ European tour – the FOH engineer for which will be ADLIB director Dave Kay.

“We chose them because we liked how easy they were to use, the interface is great and the grouping system makes entire system control so quick,” Kay tells PSN-e.

Both the Nine Inch Nails and Scissor Sisters tours are utilising the DLPs in conjunction with ADLIB’s JBL VerTec loudspeaker system.

Three other UK sound suppliers are also making extensive use of their Dolby Lake processors. Britannia Row has deployed some of its 13 DLPs on European tours by Kings of Leon and Amy Winehouse, who is using them with the company’s new Outline Butterfly speaker system.

Elsewhere, Wigwam Acoustics recently deployed a pair of DLPs on George Michael’s 25 Live tour as system EQ and zoning control for an L-Acoustics V-DOSC system, while Belfast’s Production House is using the processors on a Van Morrison tour.

“We are very pleased by how quickly our customers worldwide have recognised the advanced design features and loudspeaker management functionality of the new Dolby Lake Processor,” says Ervin Grinberg, marketing and sales manager, Dolby Laboratories Live Sound Group. “The Dolby Lake Processor is rapidly becoming the industry standard for all facets of live sound.”


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