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Digigram unveils new EtherSound ‘variation’

test 12 February 2008

US: In response to a perceived over-capacity of the original technology for markets other than live sound – for example, public address or paging/background music – EtherSound developer Digigram has developed a brand new variation, ES-100/spkr. Publicised at the recent ISE exhibition, the new variation is able to coexist and interoperate with ES-100 or ES-Giga networks, writes David Davies.

According to Digigram, ES-100/spkr enables manufacturers to implement EtherSound in new devices “for a fraction of the cost” while keeping typical EtherSound control and administration features when a fully featured ES-100 or ES-Giga implementation is not required. The implementation fits into simple microcontrollers or DSP devices.

Moreover, ES-100/spkr products will fit into portions of EtherSound networks where only unidirectional streams and audio-out devices are required, such as terminal network branches. These audio-out only devices (eg. speakers) are typically found in public address networks or monitoring-only systems.

ES-100/spkr has already been implemented by Barix in its Exstreamer IP audio decoder devices and OEM modules.

“The combination of low-cost, high reliability network audio decoders from Barix and EtherSound technology is ideal for many applications,” commented Johannes G. Rietschel, CEO and founder of Barix AG. “Barix has found a professional technology partner in Digigram, and our joint offering will help [to spread] the EtherSound and Barix offerings further in markets including security, transportation and general paging/public address markets.”

“We are confident that our joint efforts will speed up the proliferation of EtherSound in markets where low-latency and other typically EtherSound features were just a Holy Grail until now,” added Philippe Delacroix, Digigram’s president and CEO. “That’s why we are really delighted to welcome Barix among our community of proactive EtherSound licensees and to add a new EtherSound Implementor, allowing manufacturers to quickly integrate network audio connectivity in their products.”

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