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Demand for Dan Dugan technology grows

Murray Stassen 27 March 2014
Demand for Dan Dugan technology grows

Dan Dugan Sound Design technology has now been integrated with audio products from three major manufacturers.

The Dugan Speech System automatically manages any number of live mics in unscripted talking situations. The Dugan Music System offers automatic downward expansion to help reduce feedback and noise pick-up in live performances and the Dugan Gain Limiting provides a continuous, stepless, number of open microphones master gain adjusting system.

Yamaha’s QL Series of digital consoles (pictured), featured at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, incorporates 16 channels of Dugan Speech System automatic mixing system as standard.

In addition to the automatic live microphone gain control offered by the system, it also reduces feedback, studio noise and comb filtering. The integrated mixing system comes is a follow up to the Dugan-MY16 plug-in card, jointly released by Yamaha and Dugan in 2011.

Waves Audio showcased the Dugan Automixer plug-in for the Waves MultiRack Native and MultiRack SoundGrid systems in Frankfurt.

The software automatically manages the gains of multiple microphones in real time to create fast, transparent cross-fades. It reduces feedback, studio noise and comb filtering from adjacent mics without introducing sonic artifacts.

Lastly, the Dugan-VN16 plug-in card has been developed and released in partnership with Avid. This 16-channel automatic mixing controller plugs into a slot on selected Avid digital mixers and patches into the Avid’s mic channel insert points.

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