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D.A.V.I.D. joins Silex Media

test 23 May 2007

GERMANY: Digital Audio Video Integration Development (D.A.V.I.D.) has joined the systems integration/workflow-focused Silex Media group. The announcement _ which follows the acquisiton by sole Silex backer SGI Japan of all shares in D.A.V.I.D. GmbH _ paves the way to the furtherance of _three obvious areas of collaboration_, Silex Media CEO Stephan Schindler (pictured) tells David Davies.

The acquisition is intended to strengthen Silex/D.A.V.I.D._s position in the increasingly dynamic broadcast market, and is likely to result in three primary areas of collaboration. Firstly, Schindler tells PSN-e, _some of Silex Media_s development can be outsourced to D.A.V.I.D._s organisation and accelerated. On the sales side both companies have representations in complementing territories.

_Secondly, while Silex Media is present in France, Denmark, Holland, Germany and UK, D.A.V.I.D. brings a US operation and infrastructure to the group. Thirdly, this transaction is opening the TV broadcast market to D.A.V.I.D. _ and vice versa the radio broadcast market to Silex Media._

While Schindler and D.A.V.I.D. CEO Gerhard M_ller will now begin work on refining the ways in which the two organisations are going to collaborate, the companies will continue to operate in parallel. There is likely to be no real change in the day-to-day running of D.A.V.I.D., except for the fact that it will be _able to respond to a wider range of customer requests_ We do expect, however, to find new ideas amongst each other that will help both companies improve their operations and have fun doing so._

While the announcement obviously marks a significant ramping-up in joint activity by the two organisations, they have worked together on a number of projects in the past, including an integrated radio/TV production installation for Saarl_ndischer Rundfunk (SR) and an archive management system for S_dwestrundfunk (SWR), both in Germany.

The formal collaboration, however, enables the two operations to offer a wide range of complementary products _ including Silex Media_s integration framework, Hydrogen, and D.A.V.I.D_s digital media acquisition, management, desktop production and delivery products _ to an increasingly global target audience.

Accordingly, Schindler_s enthusiasm for the new arrangement is echoed by M_ller: _Our entire customer base, which includes a number of systems integrators, will benefit from the wider product range and integrated solutions._

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