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Crown International celebrates 60th anniversary

test 24 July 2007

US: Power amplifier and microphone manufacturer Crown International has been marking its 60th year in business. Six decades after its formation as International Radio and Electronics (IREC) by Clarence C. Moore, latterday Crown president Mark Graham says that the company “still adheres to its founder’s reputation for creating innovative products that are both sonically superior and highly reliable”, reports PSN-e.

A minister in Elkhart, Indiana, radio enthusiast Moore (pictured to the left of his son and later Crown president Clyde) initially founded IREC to supply Christian broadcasters with quality electronic products. Establishing a reputation for rugged and compact open-reel tape recorders, Moore subsequently obtained a patent for the world’s first tape recorder with a built-in power amplifier.

Renamed Crown in the ’60s and then Crown International in 1975, the company went on to develop a long series of landmark amplifiers during the next few decades, including the DC300 and PSA-2. In the ’80s, the implementation of Grounded Bridge circuitry informed the Macro-Tech and Micro-Tech amplifier lines, popular with touring companies worldwide.

Continuing to expand rapidly throughout the ’80s and ’90s, Crown International introduced the computer-controlled IQ System and the K2 amplifier, which featured Balanced Current Amplifier circuitry offering innovative thermal and energy efficiencies.

Product development has continued apace since the company was acquired by Harman International in March 2000, with notable lines including I-Tech, XTi, CDi and DSi.


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