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Composer Karel Holas acquires Audient console

Murray Stassen 29 April 2014
Composer Karel Holas acquires Audient console

Czech composer and singer Karel Holas has acquired an Audient ASP4816 analogue mixing console for his Prague studio, supplied and delivered by Audient distributor, MusicData.

Holas is a member of Čechomor, a Czech traditional music band playing songs in rock arrangements and has collaborated with many international artists such as Suzanne Vega, Tony Levin and Celtic harp musician and singer Alan Stivell.

“From the wide variety of quality studio consoles available, I found only one complying with all my requests and wishes: Audient ASP4816,” explains Holas.

The ASP4816 is suitable for small music production studios looking for all the features of a large console in a compact, ergonomic format, at an affordable price, the ASP4816 is an analogue desk with fully-featured inline architecture.

“Excellent microphone preamps, great and very easy routing options, precise EQ sections together with optimal ergonomics for studio usage,” he says, outlining some of the features on his wish list.

“I must say I was really amazed when the console was plugged in. The sound quality and the whole potential of the console was confirmation that I had made the right choice with the ASP4816.”


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