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Community launches column line-array

test 22 July 2008

US: ENTASYS is a new high-performance column line array loudspeaker system, writes David Davies. The three-way, full-range system is said to deliver “true line array performance” in a compact weather-resistant package, and is designed for permanent installation applications, including auditoria, airports, train stations, conference centres, houses of worship, stadium concourses and museums. Pennsylvania-based Community Professional has also recently launched the new VLF Series loudspeakers and a redesigned version of the M12 stage monitor.

Each ENTASYS full-range column includes six low-frequency neodymium drivers, 18 2.35″ mid-range drivers and six 7″ (L) x 1″ (W) planar-coupled Compact Ribbon Emulator (CRE) high-frequency elements. The ENTASYS line is designed to be modular, with multiple ENTASYS columns used to create extremely narrow focused vertical coverage. All ENTASYS systems are available from the factory in black or white finishes.

“Community had a number of very specific goals in mind when designing the ENTASYS column line source system,” Chris Barrow, manager – new product development at Community Professional, tells PSN-e. “Among other priorities, we wanted to create a column-type loudspeaker with true line source behaviour from 200Hz to 16kHz, and that would maintain a constant vertical beam-width over this range. We also wanted to achieve performance attributes that could not be matched by any other passive column loudspeaker on the market, and to produce an aesthetically pleasing system that would visually ‘disappear’ when installed into a venue. All of these design goals have been met with the creation of ENTASYS, the first three-way column line source loudspeaker.”

The manufacturer has also just launched the VLF Series of Versatile Low Frequency loudspeakers. Beginning with the dual 8″ VLF208 and dual 12″ VLF212, the VFL line offers a compact, low-profile design said to be ideal for theatres, restaurants and houses of worship, among other applications. Later this year, the VLF212 will be available in a powered version with an integrated amplifier in both portable and installed models.

Other recent developments include portable versions of all full-range models in the iBOX Series of installation loudspeakers, and a redesigned M12 stage monitor. The latter now incorporates rubber pocket grip handles for easy portability and a larger connector base, added as a direct response of customer feedback.

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