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ClearOne awarded multi-million $ damages

test 18 November 2008

US: Biamp Systems is to appeal against a court judgement regarding a long-running lawsuit with ClearOne, reports David Davies. The judgement was made against Biamp in the United States District Court of Central Utah, and relates to a case launched by ClearOne in 2007.

In other, more positive news for Biamp, the company has obtained the ENERGY STAR energy efficiency qualification for a number of its amplifier and powered mixer products.

Biamp was named as co-defendant (alongside WideBand Solutions) in a suit which claimed that it knowingly licensed an acoustic echo-cancelling algorithm from a third party that ClearOne alleges was stolen from them. According to a statement posted on the ClearOne website, the plaintiff has been awarded approximately $3.5 million in compensatory damages and $7.0 million in punitive damages.

Biamp, however, insists that it stopped using the software in question prior to the filing of the lawsuit. It has denied any knowledge or guilt in the case and maintains that the facts do not support the claims.

“We were shocked when we were named in this lawsuit,” said Biamp Systems’ president, Ralph Lockhart (pictured). “We had absolutely no knowledge of any wrongdoing by our licensing partner, and we stand firmly by our innocence in this case. We are absolutely committed to clearing our name by vigorously appealing the matter to a higher court. Abiding by this decision would imply that Biamp engaged in unethical activity, and I can assure everyone that we are innocent of the claims against us, and vow to continue fighting until we prove it.”

Biamp says that it expects to receive word on the final judgement from the District Court in Utah in the coming weeks, after which it plans to file for an appeal.

ClearOne, meanwhile, admits that while it “intends to vigorously pursue collection of the damage awards, collectability of the judgments cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, the jury’s verdict and damage awards are subject to appeal by one or more of the defendants.”

In other, more positive news for Biamp, the company has announced that a number of its amplifier products have been designated ENERGY STAR qualified in line with the latter group’s regulations concerning energy efficiency. The products in question are the CPA130 and CPA650 commercial power amplifiers, the IWA250 in-wall powered mixers, the MCA Series multi-channel amplifiers, and the MPA250 multi-purpose amplifier.


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