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CharterOak Acoustics links with MB QUART for new stereo headphones

test 19 June 2007

US/GERMANY: CharterOak Acoustic Devices has announced a new partnership with MB QUART that will see the latter manufacturing headphones for CharterOak. The first product to result from the new association – brokered in the wake of this year’s AES Convention in Vienna – is the CharterOak Studio Phone I (SP-1), an acoustically closed headphone for studio use and music production, reports David Davies.

MB QUART’s reputation for “beautiful and precise sound quality” has fed into a headphone design that features five-dimensional ‘Cardamatic’ ear cup suspension, ensuring a comfortable, individual fit regardless of head size; hygienic ear pads for insulation from outside noise without affecting wearer comfort over long periods of time; high-quality drivers incorporating ultra-light sandwich diaphragms and copper-plated aluminium voice coils; and good rejection of outside noise and extended frequency response, making SP-1 suitable for overdubbing and mixing purposes.

Essentially MB QUART’s QP450 Pro under another moniker, the product – which will be sold in the US and Japan – is at the centre of a campaign to expand the company’s global presence. “We are expanding our reach with CharterOak, which is well-known in the US and Japan,” says Peter Grooff, product manager of professional products at MB QUART. “Depending on the success [of this first product] we will then talk to CharterOak about selling other types of headphones and headsets.”

CharterOak SP-1 is to be shown for the first time at the AES Convention in New York from October 5th to 8th. It will be made available for sale via CharterOak dealers.


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