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Celemony releases Melodyne editor with DNA

test 8 December 2009

GERMANY: Melodyne editor is the first Celemony product to feature the company’s DNA Direct Note Access technology, reports David Davies. The Celemony technology allows users to access individual units in polyphonic audio material.

Following a public beta test phase, Melodyne editor is now being launched worldwide. Running on Mac OS X and Windows, Melodyne editor can be operated either as a plug-in or independent application. In addition to offering a variety of tools for "highly intuitive and musical" editing of audio material, the plug-in and standalone implementations of Melodyne editor are said to possess "numerous improvements" over previous editions of Melodyne, including a very short loading time, a variably-sized plug-in window, and further improvements to sound quality and the note detection process.

In parallel with the launch of Melodyne editor, Celemony has restructured its entire product line. Along with Melodyne editor, this now comprises Melodyne assistant (equivalent to Melodyne editor but without DNA), Melodyne studio bundle (contains Melodyne studio 3) and Melodyne essential RTAS (the new version of Melodyne essential, which is only available in the Digidesign bundle).

Celemony’s managing director, Anselm R?_ler, tells PSN-e that Melodyne assistant offers "a great deal of usefulness for very little money. And this investment makes still more sense if a user wishes to upgrade to Melodyne editor (also polyphonic material) or Melodyne studio (multi-track) at a later date. Attractive upgrade options are available to both. So you can’t lose by entering here. The small step to Melodyne could become a giant leap in the future."



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