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Cee-Lo Green goes ‘crazy’ for TELEFUNKEN USA

test 12 May 2009

US: The Gnarls Barkley co-founder is using a TELEFUNKEN USA tube mic for vocals on his forthcoming solo album, reports David Davies. Duran Duran and resurgent US ‘jam band’ Phish are among the other major names to have been using TELEFUNKEN USA products recently in the studio or on stage.

For his first solo album since Gnarls Barkley became a global phenomenon, Cee-Lo Green is using the new TELEFUNKEN USA Ela M 250 – a faithful reproduction of the classic 1959 tube microphone – to record all of his vocals. The mic is being used in conjunction with a John Hardy M-1 microphone pre-amp, a Universal Audio 1176 compressor/limiter and, on occasion, a Manley EQ.

"Cee-Lo sings with a lot of dynamic range," remarked the album’s recording/engineer mixer, Graham Marsh (pictured here, right, with Cee-Lo). "He sings softly one moment and then really belts it out. The 250 stood up to that like the Great Wall of China. When he heard his voice with this mic he immediately knew it was the right microphone. Cee-Lo has great mic technique and knows exactly where he needs to be to get the sound he wants."

In other recent news, Duran Duran has purchased a TELEFUNKEN USA Ela M251 large diaphragm tube microphone system. Kevin Walker from London’s Unity Audio provided technical support as TELEFUNKEN USA’s director of distribution in the UK.

Finally, Phish used TELEFUNKEN USA’s new M 80 dynamic microphones during its first live shows since 2004. The three concerts took place at the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia during March, and precede a more extensive return to the road later this year.

"We got the M 80s in rehearsal for the Hampton shows," pointed out FOH mixer Garry Brown. "First thing we noticed was that we had an additional 8-10dB of gain in the monitor system over the previous stage mics we had been using. Vocals became very focused and basically just punched right through the mix."

PHOTO CREDIT: Samuel Thomas

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