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CEDAR for SADiE sales to resume

test 3 June 2008

UK: Prism Sound has signed a new license agreement with CEDAR Audio, writes David Davies. The deal means that sales of CEDAR for SADiE – a complete suite of processes optimised for cleaning audio in areas such as multi-track remastering, surround, post and film soundtrack restoration – can resume for the first time since former SADiE brand owner Studio Audio & Video (SAV) entered into administration in late February.

Originally introduced in 1996, CEDAR for SADiE currently incorporates five processes: Declick, Decrackle, Denoise, Dethump and Retouch. As a result of the new agreement – which follows Prism Sound’s acquisition of SADiE’s business and intellectual property rights at the end of April – CEDAR for SADiE users will continue to have access to the processes and to software support from both manufacturers.

Now that the license is in place, Prism Sound’s sales and marketing director, Graham Boswell (pictured), is hopeful that a number of improvements can be made. “There are issues that we would like to fix that would benefit users in a variety of ways,” he tells PSN-e. “One of them is that at the moment SADiE plug-ins are bound to specific hardware with which they are originally sold_ One way of tackling this issue of portability might be to put licenses onto a dongle of some description, and in fact that happens to be the way that CEDAR does it for other people that use their plug-ins. We’re going to consider adopting that method, which we think is more user-friendly than current methods. The other benefit is that people would be able to get some access to some new applications from CEDAR which are not currently available as plug-ins on SADiE.”

Boswell stresses, however, that no significant developments are likely until the autumn as the practical business of bringing together the Prism Sound and SADiE operations still has a long way to run. “We need to manage expectations,” he cautions. “We are a merged business and clearly there is not as much of the original SADiE expertise and manpower as there was a year or two ago. We can’t necessarily do things overnight_ There is an awful lot to do over the next few months, and I don’t want to raise expectations too much that we’re going to make sudden changes.”


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