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Canford upgrades manufacturing facility

Erica Basnicki 12 November 2013
Canford upgrades manufacturing facility

Canford is reporting that it has made significant improvements within its manufacturing facility in order to cope with a growing demand for bespoke cables and other own brand manufactured products such as mains distribution units (MDU), Tecpro, EMO and Panamic boom poles.   The first major change was to create a Rapid Response Cable Cell which was developed to allow both custom and non-stock cable assemblies to be quickly produced, reducing customer waiting times. Depending on cable type, cable assemblies can now be produced, packed and ready for shipping within 20 minutes of the Cable Cell receiving a picking list generated by Canford’s newly introduced Master Scheduling Team.   Building on the success of this Rapid Cable line, similar cells have now been introduced for other product lines that have benefited from increased output and reliability. The MDU cell has increased average unit production from 21 units to 38 units per cell, per day. Other cells include Tecpro and EMO with further cells currently in the planning phase.   Other initiatives include the creation of a looming station, where all internal wiring components are prepared and tested in advance of build-up, and an upgrade to the planning system.   The combined effect of all these changes has not only increased production capacity, but has seen the company’s production scheduling maintain a 100% completion rate for over four months.    “Customers have driven these changes by increasingly relying on Canford as their preferred supplier and it is gratifying to see our hard work pay off,” said John Slider, Canford CEO.      

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