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Calling all road warriors: AES convention details emerge

test 4 August 2009

Audio over IP and green touring practices are among the topics that will be under discussion at the 127th AES Convention, reports David Davies. Set to take place in New York from October 9-12, the 127th AES Convention will include a comprehensive live sound programme devised by Henry Cohen and Mac Kerr (pictured).

Live Sound sessions include ‘The Greening of the Band: Green Touring Solutions for the Live Engineer’, ‘White Spaces & TVBD Update’, ‘Practical Advice for Wireless System Users’, ‘Microphone Dressing’, ‘State of the Art Loudspeaker Design for Live Sound’, ‘Microphone Selection and Techniques for Live Sound’, ‘Exploring the Low End – Measuring and Aligning Subwoofers’, ‘Automixing for Live Sound’ and ‘Networking Digital Audio in Live Sound’.

In response to PSN-e’s enquiry about the considerable coverage of audio networking on this year’s convention programme, Mac Kerr observes that "AVB and Dante are exciting new standards that will facilitate the expansion of audio transmission and control over IP networks in the live sound industry. We are very pleased to have a workshop addressing these very issues [at October’s convention]. Representatives from major manufacturers will discuss how they think the emergence of audio over IP will impact their various markets, and what directions they see it moving in."

Surveying this year’s Live Sound events schedule, AES executive director Roger Furness remarked: "It is comprehensive, authoritative and boasts a particularly strong line-up of high-level presenters. The recommendations made by co-chairs Henry Cohen and Mac Kerr echo the invaluable insights they have acquired during their own years on the road. The programme reflects an enormous amount of labour intensive work for which we are most appreciative."

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