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Busy audio seminar schedule at 2007 IBC Conference

test 21 August 2007

HOLLAND: This year’s IBC conference – which is run in parallel with the annual broadcasting and media technology exhibition – will include a number of events relevant to pro audio professionals. Chief amongst these is a session examining audio production in the HDTV age, writes David Davies.

The session – to be held on Sunday September 9th at 9.30am – will consider the challenges in producing 5.1 audio for sports, issues related to loudness when delivering 5.1 audio for HD programmes, synchronisation problems (lip sync) and concatenation of audio codecs. To be chaired by IRT Denmark’s Gerhard Stoll, the event will feature input from a panel comprising Martin Black (senior sound supervisor and technical consultant, Sky Television UK) and Keith Lane (operations manager, also at Sky UK), Hartmut Lehmann (SWR, Germany) and Bjorn Aarseth (senior engineer, NRK).

Other sessions likely to be of interest to audio professionals include ‘news and sports technology’ (Thursday 6th). A panel featuring Sony BPRL UK senior manager Clive Gillard will introduce papers addressing topics including the ways in which broadcasters are attempting to create sound for sports events that gives the viewer an enhanced sense of being there.

“We consider audio to be a vital component of most Content and the one for which consumers are less tolerant to distortion,” IBC Conference chairman David Crawford tells PSN-e. “We have therefore devised a number of really interesting audio sessions [for] the Conference programme.”

The 2007 IBC Conference will run from the 6th to the 10th of September. The exhibition begins on the 7th and concludes on the 11th.

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