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Brussels’ SynSound studio hosts analogue synth masterclasses

Marc Maes 8 May 2015
Dan Lacksman, Alex Callier (Hooverphonic), analog synthesis masterclass, SynSound studios

On 25 and 28 April Dan Lacksman, sound engineer, synthesiser afficionado and the owner of SynSound, hosted two days of ‘analog synthesis masterclasses’ at the Brussels recording studio.

Among those in attendance was Alex Callier, bassist with Flemish trip-hop group Hooverphonic (pictured, fourth from right, with Lacksman [orange shirt] and the other participants).

Analogue synthesiser, Analog Synthesis Masterclass, SynSound studiosOn the 28th, Lacksman recorded a fully analogue rhythm section and sent the audio files to his ‘students’ as ‘homework’. “The idea is that they add one or two analogue tracks for me to include in a Pro Tools session and mix down,” he says. “A new hit is in the making.”

SynSound, on the Rue de la Chanterelle, is home to a dizzying array of analogue and digital synthesisers, samplers, sequencers, vocoders and drum machines. (Pictured, right, is one of Lacksman’s many Moogs – answers on a postcard which, please, synth geeks.)

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