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British Grove hosts PenteoSurround demo

David Davies 19 July 2010

Strong turnout reported for demonstration of the PenteoSurround 3D Audio process at Mark Knopfler’s British Grove Studios in London.

Prominent figures from the UK film, TV and music community were among those to attend the sessions, which showcased the ability of the PenteoSurround technology to convert stereo to 5.1 for soundtrack applications. Demonstrations of film and TV with 5.1 audio converted from standard stereo took place throughout the evening, with 52-inch hi-resolution display and full Surround Sound. Attendees also brought their own CDs for instantaneous conversion to 5.1.

Watchmen, Book of Eli and Inglourious Basterds are among the high-profile films to have employed the PenteoSurround 3D Audio process.

APRS director Dave Harries (pictured, right, with (L to R) APRS executive director Peter Filleul, PenteoSurround’s Tom Allom, and APRS Gil Limor) commented: “We’re very pleased with the turnout and the response from the industry. I’ve been an advocate from the moment I first heard it.” APRS executive director Peter Filleul added: “We’re proud to sponsor events such as this which benefit our membership with news of significant advances in professional audio technology.”
“It was a great honour for us to receive such enthusiasm for PenteoSurround by the APRS and so many music pros,” added Tom Allom, who is PenteoSurround’s senior European representative.  “Studio manager David Stewart was most gracious in contributing to such a successful debut for our promising technology.
“It all started when we first did a demo for Dave Harries, who built Mark’s studio. An APRS director and former manager of AIR Studios, Dave has been a mainstay of the British recording scene for nearly four decades. He loved the Penteo demo and suggested we should hold this event to let the UK hear for themselves. Word of mouth has been most gratifying and we have already garnered considerable support.”

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