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PSNEurope: Not PlayStation Network Europe

Jon Chapple 5 January 2015
PSNEurope: Not PlayStation Network Europe

Although thankfully wasn’t targeted by a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack over Christmas, that didn’t stop a few disgruntled gamers voicing to us their displeasure that Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) was.

Twitter user psyklone (@psykl0ne) told us his Christmas was ruined, and that he is unhappy with Sony’s offer of five days’ PSN membership as compensation. We would be, too, psyklone. To ease the pain, we suggest you take out a free subscription to PSNEurope, which is much more enjoyable than exciting video games with guns and explosions and suchlike.

aronero91 (@The_Kympo32) added: “[T]hese guys put free games and stop the servers”. Not strictly true, aronero91 – the servers were downed by hackers. But we know you’re angry so we’ll let it slide.

henry (@henry050482), from Barcelona, said: “[F]inally about time bastards” [sic]. Well, there’s no need for that.

Finally, Tatenda Mugomba quipped on Facebook: “stop smiling and fix psn” (presumably addressing IPE’s Colin Judge, TSL’s Chris Exelby and TSL’s David MacGregor, none of which, as far as we know, work for Sony either).

So, to conclude, PSNEurope is not the online gaming service PlayStation Network. Up next: stories describing how PSNEurope is also not Guatemalan political party Partido Solidaridad Nacional, the Puget Sound Navigation Company or Parson Street railway station!

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