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Big Sky Acoutics, 24 Acoustics control noise at CarFest

Erica Basnicki 3 October 2012
Big Sky Acoutics, 24 Acoustics control noise at CarFest

Organisers of CarFest South, the motoring and music festival organised by DJ Chris Evans and Formula One World Champion Jody Scheckter, relied on advice from Steve Gosling of 24 Acoustics (pictured, left) and entertainment noise specialist Richard Vivian of Big Sky Acoustics (pictured, right) to give guidance on noise control at the event.   Opening the main stage were TWUNT (the Tunbridge Wells Ukulele Night Thing), who received a special invitation from Chris Evans himself after a member of the band contacted him via Twitter. Watch their CarFest performance here on YouTube.

Following the TWUNTs on the main stage were The Feeling, Texas, The Magic Numbers and Razorlight as well as DJ slots from Chris Evans. Entertainment hire specialists South West Group provided consistent and predictable sound levels from the ground stacked EAW KF850 PA system.   “The predictability of a point source system, combined with the fact that even a large system doesn’t necessarily need to be flown is a significant benefit when it comes to containing noise at an outdoor event,” commented Vivian. “We know where the PA is pointing, there are no boxes high in the air, and on a typically unsettled British summer day a traditional point source systems is more stable than coupled arrays which are very dependent on consistency of the air mass in front of the loudspeakers if they are to work as predicted”.   This year’s CarFest featured a range of iconic vehicles including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Formula One race cars and most importantly, the event raised an estimated £750,000 for BBC Children in Need.   Jody Scheckter commented: “We were delighted to host this very special event to raise much-needed funds for Children in Need. We have had overwhelming positive feedback regarding CarFest from local residents and visitors alike, all commenting on how very well run the family event has been and on the part of the local residents a total lack of any disruption with traffic, noise or crime.’’          

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