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Beyerdynamic launch new products at PLASA 2007

test 12 September 2007

UK: Yesterday saw the launch of many new products by Beyerdynamic at this years PLASA exhibition in London. The launch included updated headphones, vocal microphones and wireless mics, reports PSN-e.

The DT 880 combines the advantages of open headphones with those of closed studio headphones. The improved systems of the DT 880 provide a high quality studio headphone with analytical properties, especially good for classical music. The balanced reduction of environmental noise means there_s a perfect spherical sound, while the complete sound spectrum is reproduced in detail from the lowest sub bass up to the highest frequencies. The higher frequencies are clear without being unpleasant. The balanced mid frequencies are analytical and supportive, without being predominate. The new designed headband fits for all head sizes.

The TG-X 930 vocal microphone uses the capsule of the MC 930 true condenser microphone as a basis. Due to the typically small pick-up distance with vocal microphones, the proximity effect of the cardioid capsule was compensated to achieve absolutely neutral transmission of even the subtlest vocal nuances. The stainless steel basket with its multilayer gauze and an additional inner basket provides protection against pop sounds. The maximum sound pressure level is 150dB SPL. The low internal noise level the TG-X 930 means there_s a high dynamic range. Its turned brass housing comes in either matte black or a satin nickel-plated finish. The TG-X 930 will be available from October.

Beyerdynamic also launched its new flagship line of wireless microphones, the Opus 900. The system offers enhancements including a range of interchangeable capsules, enabling a full range of uses. The latest capsule changes include the introduction of the EM 981 S, an electret condenser capsule and the CM 930 B. The UHF based receiver system is housed in a rugged metal chassis, featuring true dual diversity. Available in single, dual and quad channel versions, a _jog wheel_ for fast access and reconfiguration of the system has also been added. Two choices of pocket transmitters are available within this new system. The TS 900 M, with metal housing and the TS 900 C in a tough plastic case with rechargeable contacts. Both offer an LCD for channel selection, group and battery status, gain control, silent on/off switch and 4-pin mini-XLR input connector.

The MC 840 is an extremely compact large diaphragm studio microphone with a gold vaporised double diaphragm and five selectable polar patterns (omnidirectional, wide cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid, figure-eight). Based on the MC 740 microphone capsule this new microphone has been equipped with an improved low-noise pre-amplifier and a two-stage roll-off filter (80 and 160Hz). Applications for the MC 840 include high definition broadcasting, studio production and live recording with orchestras.


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