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BCE snaps up Roland V-Mixing system

test 24 June 2008

UK: RSS by Roland has released details of an early M-400 sale in the UK, writes David Davies. The Bedford Corn Exchange’s sound team has taken delivery of one of the V-Mixing system consoles plus a Snake package to use as a portable configuration for commitments at its home venue and several other local venues owned and operated by the Borough Council. Meanwhile, RSS by Roland’s Martin Thomas says the V-Mixing system has enjoyed a “really strong start” since deliveries commenced at the end of January.

The Corn Exchange order, comprising an M-400 16-bus digital console and two S-160 Digital Snakes with remote controllers, was fulfilled by JAP Sound. The V-Mixing system will be used in conjunction with self-powered RCF monitors, a set-up that, says chief sound engineer Marcello Quartarone (pictured), means that the sound team “no longer needs a lorry to transport the PA equipment! There is no outboard, no amp rack, just two runs of CAT5.”

Each of the two Snakes (in 16×8 configuration) feature 16 high-quality remote-controllable microphone inputs and eight returns. The REAC (Roland Ethernet Audio Communication) transmission protocol enables the system to provide up to 48 channels of 24-bit, 28 kHz audio transfer.

JAP Sound’s Jason Price has also added M-400 and S-1608 Snakes to his own rental inventory, and will be using them on several major summer commitments, including the Glenn Miller and Rhythm festivals.

Speaking to PSN-e, RSS by Roland technical director Martin Thomas says that the M-400 has enjoyed a “really strong start. We recognise that there are lots of brands out there which are more established in the pro-audio market, and we are really pleased to have made this much headway so quickly.”

See the July print issue of Pro Sound News Europe and the simultaneously published, live music-oriented special publication, PSNLive, for more on RSS by Roland and the V-Mixing system.


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