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Barack Obama rings the ‘changes’ with JBL and MIPRO

test 18 March 2008

US: JBL VerTec line array systems and MIPRO wireless microphones have been utilised during recent campaign events featuring Barack Obama, who at the time of writing is continuing to battle a seemingly resurgent Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. Among the most impactful of Obama’s many campaign rallies was the ‘Stand For Change’ event at Phoenix Veterans Memorial Stadium in Arizona, where the sound system was provided and overseen by locally-based On Cue Systems, reports David Davies.

The system deployed by On Cue Systems comprised a left/right arrangement of 12 VT4889 full-size line array elements per side, with ten VT4880 full-size arrayable subwoofers per side. Additional VT4889 elements were specified for two outfill side hangs, six per side.

In addition to praising the VerTec system’s performance, On Cue Systems’ Dan Myers also drew attention to the loudspeakers’ light weight and easy-to-use suspension system. “The VerTec system is extremely easy to rig and hang, and we used JBL’s VerTec Line Array Calculator to determine the exact system configuration and splay angles,” said Myers.

Meanwhile, a recent rally at the Bangor Auditorium in Maine saw Obama making use of a MIPRO wireless microphone system, distributed in the US by Avlex Corporation. Event sound contractor Bronson Audio Visual & Event Services deployed two MIPRO ACT-707HM PLL synthesised handheld transmitters, used in conjunction with two MIPRO ACT-707D dual-channel receivers. The dual-channel receivers were selected to provide a back-up receiver channel for each microphone.

“Based on our experience with the MIPRO wireless mics, I knew the system would provide the clarity necessary to provide a clean signal for amplification and the direct audio feeds to the 48 channels of press mults and Internet feeds used by the media,” said John Bronson, president of Bronson Audio Visual & Event Services. “The MIPRO ACT-707 systems provide us [with] the flexibility to target and change frequencies quickly, and this capability is essential in this type of application, where many broadcasters and security radios arrive at the last minute. I find the ACT-707HM to be extremely reliable, very conservative on power, and the performance of the cardoid condenser head provides great reach if the speaker holds the mic low. Similarly, it does a great job with high SPLs in the event that someone shouts directly into the mic.”


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