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Austrian ballroom equipped with QFlex

David Davies 13 September 2010

Tannoy’s steerable array system has been installed at an opulent classic ballroom in the town of Wiener Neustadt, 30 miles south of Vienna.

To mark the 150th anniversary of the bank that now owns the ballroom space, it was decided to address the venue’s long-running acoustical problems with a new phase of renovation. Following a successful demo, Austrian A/V distributor MOCOM supplied four QFlex speakers: one QFlex 32 per side near the front of the space, with a further pair installed in similar fashion at the back of the room.

The result is said to be a solution that delivers very controlled sound and excellent intelligibility in the highly reverberant space of the ballroom.

In addition to the QFlex systems, a pair of Tannoy IW4 TDC in-wall loudspeakers have been installed into the stage front for near-field purposes, along with a pair of TS 801 subwoofers for additional low-end reinforcement when required. Signal routing is handled by a single Biamp Nexia and RED-1 controller.

Rudolf Kamleitner, project lead for installer MOCOM, commented: “Having seen many sound systems come and go over the years in this beautiful room I knew it was quite a risk to stand up claiming to have a solution where all of the others had previously failed. However I was confident to go with Tannoy QFlex and so we arranged a demo. It was kind of a magic moment when seeing the bankers’ faces turning into big smiles after switching on the system. From a sales perspective it was really easy from that moment on.”

Tannoy has recently announced an upgrade for the QFlex system – see the separate PLASA story elsewhere on this issue of the PSN-e newsletter for more details.

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