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Audio Warehouse announces ‘recording show’

test 25 August 2009

EIRE: The September 2/3 event will take place at Middlewalk Studio in County Tipperary, reports David Davies. Situated near the small town of Cloughjordan, the Munro Acoustics-designed facility was recently equipped with an SSL console by Audio Warehouse, which is based in Dublin.

The announcement of the recording show follows a successful similar event held at Joe Egan’s Nutshed Studio in County Offaly several years ago (pictured). While a full diary meant that Nutshed could not be used again this time, Audio Warehouse has found a suitable alternative in Peter Maher’s recently-completed Middlewalk Studio.

Manufacturers will be present once again, although there will be more of an emphasis on ‘music people’ at this year’s recording show. Speakers will include Brauner Microphones’ founder Dirk Brauner, discussing microphones and their relationship with musical performance; and AIR technical director Tim Vine-Lott, who will explore the history and technical maintenance of the celebrated London recording complex. Hard-Fi producer Wolsey White and a representative of Munro Acoustics will also be present.

"A lot of our clients are semi-pro, but we don’t have much of the high-level recording stuff to balance that out. There isn’t that path from one to the other, which is what we are trying to create by the association with some of the UK studio [people]," Audio Warehouse’s Paul Brewer tells PSN-e.

For more information about the event – which is free to attend – contact Paul Brewer (



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