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Audio for Christmas lighting 1 – Riedel in LA

test 22 December 2009

US: Riedel’s RockNet system handled audio distribution for the Christmas lighting tree ceremony at LA’s Grove shopping complex, reports David Davies. Audio provider Goodman Audio deployed RockNet 100 for basic audio transport and routing between various points at the event.

Cirque de Soleil, Jon Secada and Lone Star were among the performers at this year’s free event.

Specifically, Goodman Audio used three RN.101.IO modules to provide both line and microphone inputs and outputs. Nine RN.141.MY interfaces were used to connect two Yamaha PM5D mixing consoles, located at the FOH and monitoring stations, as well as a Yamaha M7CL console in the video truck. One RN.302.LO module was specified to provide eight additional line level audio outputs at the video truck.

According to Goodman Audio president Trace Goodman, the RockNet system is "very versatile and it just sounds great. The independent gain control worked amazingly with no one being able to tell that other engineers were making changes. Plus, the system is easy to set up and understand."

RockNet product manager Thorsten Schulze tells PSN-e: "RockNet is a real-time, low latency audio distribution network tailored to tour and installed sound applications. It provides a universal solution to almost any imaginable audio distribution challenge and behaves very much like a traditional analogue split system. RockNet 100 is the cost-effective and flexible solution to enter the world of RockNet digital audio networks. Based on the renowned RockNet 300 technology, RockNet 100 provides the same digital audio quality and ease of use with a reduced number of 80 channels. And of course, all RockNet 100 devices are compatible with the RockNet 300 series."



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