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Audinate launches Dante HC

Murray Stassen 2 June 2014
Audinate launches Dante HC

Audinate has announced the introduction of Dante HC, the industry’s highest-capacity networked audio solution for professional AV systems. Dante HC supports up to 512 x 512 redundant bi-directional uncompressed audio channels on a single Xilinx FPGA.

Dante was created by Audinate and is now the leading audio-over-IP networking solution. The networking solution’s real-time streaming is suitable for live broadcast, commercial installation, live sound, public address applications, intercoms and transportation comms.

The Dante HC reference design is suitable for AV equipment products requiring high channel capacity, such as audio matrix routers, large format consoles, public address and evacuation systems and large scale DSPs.

Gary Southell, Audinate’s vice president of product management, says: “Audinate is the only company that offers OEMs simple-to-deploy audio networking solutions to cover their complete product range, beginning from 2 x 2 channel Dante Ultimo chips, through mid-range Dante Brooklyn modules which operate up to 64 x 64 channels, to 128 x 128 channel Dante PCIe Cards.”

“The launch of Dante HC, which quadruples the maximum channel count for a single device to 512 x 512 channels, enables our OEMs to design a new generation of highly scalable networked products”, concludes Southell.

Dante HC offers a wide selection of interface options including SPI, I2C, RS232 and configurable GPIO. An onboard microprocessor allows local control and management without the need for any additional CPU. Dante HC benefits from the same support that is included across Audinate’s portfolio of Dante-enabled solutions, as well as future support for the AES67 standard.

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