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Audemat announces name change to ‘ease communication’

test 26 February 2008

FRANCE: In the wake of the recent high-profile acquisitions of Nortek and Ecreso, professional broadcast equipment manufacturer Audemat-Aztec has announced a name change to the rather more concise Audemat. The new moniker will be applied to all marketing materials, front panels and technical manuals over the course of one year, writes David Davies.

“The purchase of several companies – Aztec, Ecreso and Nortek – during the last five years has created some diffusion of our visibility to our customers and partners,” Audemat Group CEO Bruno Rost (pictured) tells PSN-e. “Managing several brands is difficult and generates very high communication costs. [In future] the Audemat brand will represent the image of the group and all of our products, excluding transmitters, which will be covered by the Ecreso brand. These two brands will be our standard bearers for the future.”

As the aforementioned recent additions to the group suggest, Audemat has grown rapidly over the last few years, to the extent that it recorded a total annual turnover of 15.34m euros for 2007, against 8.9m euros in the previous year. That being the case, does Audemat remain in acquisitive mode for 2008?

“External growth requires time,” responds Rost. “Integrating people and different corporate cultures requires attention so that the different energies can be blended harmoniously. We want to continue our growth both through internal improvement and possibly through the purchase of other companies that could help us make faster progress towards the ambitious objectives we have set. We’ll consider acquiring another company if the opportunity is advantageous, likely within two years.”

For more on Audemat’s plans for the year ahead, see the March print edition of Pro Sound News Europe.

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