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Ateis UK contributes to award-winning installation

test 24 November 2009

UK: The sound installation at the Brit Oval cricket ground has won a prestigious award for innovation, writes David Davies. The audio fit-out at the Brit Oval cricket ground – masterminded by acoustic consultancy Sharps Redmore Partnership and entailing the specification of three Ateis Messenger L loudspeakers – was acknowledged with the Noise Abatement Society’s John Connell Award for Innovation.

The John Connell Award recognises ways to deal with the problem of noise pollution. Sharps Redmore received the honour for its approach to solving the problem of extraneous sound escaping from the cricket ground and potentially disturbing residents in nearby flats.

The audio solution incorporated three Ateis Messenger L Loudspeakers, spread across the back of the Peter May stand, which is closest to the majority of surrounding homes. According to Ateis UK’s Neil Voce, the "controllable directivity" of the Messenger units ensures that back-spill doesn’t travel back to the windows of the flats.

The award was presented during the Society’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Voce is pictured here behind Hove and Portslade MP Celia Barlow and Sharps Redmore’s Clive Bentley.

"We’re delighted with the award from the Noise Abatement Society as it highlights noise pollution as a real issue which affects people’s everyday lives," Voce tells PSN-e. "It’s refreshing as a loudspeaker manufacturer to offer a solution to this growing problem and we very much hope that others will adopt the unique potential of our Messenger range in London and beyond."


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