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Artcoustic introduces “ultimate system” for commercial installation

test 29 January 2008

DENMARK: Copenhagen-based manufacturer Artcoustic has announced the launch of the new Spitfire Venue monitor and Spitfire subwoofer. The products are said to comprise “the ultimate system for commercial installation”, writes David Davies.

The most powerful full-range model in the Artcoustic range to date, the two-way Spitfire Venue monitor weighs less than 10 kilos, measures 500 (H) x 360 (W) x 160 (D) mm, and is available with interchangeable screen options. Maximum input is 250W into 8ohm (peak 500W), while maximum sound pressure level is 122dB (1W 1m peak 125dB). Designed specifically for commercial applications, Spitfire Venue is said to be suited to installation in bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, corporate boardrooms, professional/commercial cinemas, and recording and film studios.

The Spitfire Subwoofer, meanwhile, is billed as being suitable for a variety of fixed installation applications. It incorporates 4 x 10″ LF units and offers maximum input of 500W into 8ohm (peak 1000W), while maximum sound pressure level is 120dB (1W 1m peak 125dB). The Spitfire Subwoofer comes with an Artcoustic PA-1800 amplifier.

“Our strength is that we are one of the only high-end loudspeaker companies in the world that have the skills and expertise to produce compact speakers that achieve high performance and are aesthetically pleasing in design,” says Artcoustic’s CEO, Kim Donvig. “The Spitfire Venue and the Spitfire Subwoofer will secure Artcoustic a firm position in the growing commercial installation market, such as bars and restaurants, lounges, clubs, professional cinemas and recording studios and film studios, and will without a doubt become one of our most important products in the industry.”

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