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APG Uniline system for France’s TH Audio

David Davies 17 November 2010
APG Uniline system for France's TH Audio

TH Audio has invested heavily in APG equipment with the purchase of a complete Uniline compact line array system and associated hardware, along with a DMS26 digital loudspeaker processor and optional network cards.

The investment forms part of a significant expansion for the Mont de Marsan-based pro audio specialist, who, in addition to the Uniline system, has also invested in a new Innovason Eclipse digital mixing console, new outboard – and new premises.

“It’s fair to say that our feet have barely touched the ground these last few months,” said TH Audio’s Thierry Avignon. “However, we’ve also been incredibly successful, so we’re not complaining!”

Specifically, the APG Uniline system – which has been deployed on all manner of musical events during the summer, from rock and pop to jazz and reggae concerts – comprises 12 UL210 mid/hi cabinets, six UL115B bass cabinets and four TB218S subs.

“It was a complete success at every show, and we never even got close to the limits of the system,” reported Avignon. “It is powerful yet precise with incredibly smooth dynamics. In short, it’s a wonderful-sounding system.

“The Uniline flying accessories are well thought-out and the design of the UL210 is particularly noteworthy. I’d also like to salute the team at APG who do a sterling job – they genuinely listen to their clients. As a result, there are never problems with APG, only solutions…”

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