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Andy Hunt joins Void Acoustics

test 27 January 2009

UK: The renowned audio designer is working for the fast-rising Dorset-based manufacturer, writes David Davies. The audio industry stalwart and former Matrix Amplifiers founder is already contributing to Void Acoustics’ new Infinite X lightweight, switch-mode power amplifier range, the first models of which are due to reach "volume production" soon.

Hunt joins the company as part of a continued expansion effort, and will work as part of the design team led by Rog Mogale.

"A perfect complement to Rog’s team, Andy’s unique set of skills and immense experience are helping to put Void in a very strong market position, emphasising our standing as a systems company with the scope for ground-breaking electronics as well as loudspeakers," commented Alex Skan, director of Void Acoustics, pictured here with Hunt (centre) and Terry Lewis (left).

The first three models in the Infinite X power amplifier range are all two-channel designs, featuring switch-mode suppliers that deliver up to 8kVA and newly-developed MOSFET output stages: the Infinite X4 (2 x 600W into 4 Ohms), the X5 (2 x 800W into 4 Ohms) and the X6 (2 x 1,200W into 4 Ohms). The next products due to reach market are the two-channel Infinite X7 and X8 models, to be followed by the four-channel Infinite 5X4 and 6X4.

Speaking to PSN-e, Skan discussed the background to the new product series: "With their performance and price-point, we believe that our Infinite X amplifiers will exceed the historical sales of our current models by a significant margin, gradually replacing them in our portfolio. We have combined our long-standing amplifier design expertise with the latest production engineering techniques to create a top quality, cost-effective design base that competes with the best products in the market – on specification, construction quality and audio performance."

Skan expects Infinite X to have "strong appeal" for entertainment venue install and touring applications, and says the decision to build the range in the UK is a "definite win-win, particularly given this country’s current economic climate. Our export sales are benefiting immensely from sterling’s value, while within the UK the amplifiers are extremely competitive against the imported brands."

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