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AnaMod debuts with analogue tape simulator

test 30 January 2007

US: Winter NAMM witnessed the launch of the first product from AnaMod, a new joint venture between Voce’s Dave Amels and Pendulum Audio’s Greg Gualtieri. “We decided to do the hardest thing we could think of – trying to simulate the response of analogue tape and tape machines,” Gualtieri tells David Davies.

The resulting product in question, the ATS-1 Analog Tape Simulator, is the result of six months’ hard labour and several years of “kicking around ideas” beforehand. “Things tend to ruminate in one’s brain for quite some time until, all of a sudden, you have collected a set of answers to the dilemma of doing this,” marvels Gualtieri, who notes that Amels’ work on the celebrated Bomb Factory plug-ins was a spur to the fledgling venture.

ATS-1 features a two-track analogue tape machine, offering speed selection, bias, low frequency and high frequency EQ, and the option to add tape hiss. It also incorporates something that Amels and Gualtieri have dubbed the ‘AnaMod Process’. “Firstly, it’s the way in which we design a set of analogue building blocks for doing the things that make analogue sound like analogue – distortion, frequency response and so on. [Then it’s] taking the mathematical model or transfer curves that you get when you model an analogue circuit, and turning it into resistor and capacitor values on these analogue building blocks.”

With a positive response to ATS-1 at NAMM, Gualtieri and Amels – who will both be continuing in their other capacities – believe the AnaMod Process can be applied to many other areas of hardware development. Indeed, says Gualtieri, there are set to be “at least one or two additional products by AES in the fall”.

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