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An Olympian order from A-T

test 29 July 2008

CHINA: Audio-Technica is supplying thousands of microphones for use at the Olympic Games, writes David Davies. 1750 microphones from the Broadcast & Production range and more than 250 from the Studio line are among equipment to have been sent to Beijing in readiness for the XXIX Olympiad, due to commence on August 8th.

The massive consignment includes – among numerous other items – AT4071A shotgun mics, AT825 stereo balanced field recording mics, AT899 subminiature omnidirectional condensers, AT4050 multi-pattern studio condensers and U835R unipoint hypercardioid boundary mics.

A-T spokesperson Harvey Roberts observes that the company’s long-term association with the Olympics has helped to inform new product development.

“For over a decade now, this experience has fed directly into our research and development teams, allowing us to bring absolutely ‘fit for purpose’ products to market, and many of the new microphones evident in our Broadcast and Production range have been developed as a direct result of our experience at such events,” he says. “To be used at such a major international events means that our products deliver – both in terms of reliability and quality – and we are very proud of that fact.”

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