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AMS Neve celebrates success of new 8801 channel strip and major movie studio install

test 24 April 2007

US/UK: AMS Neve has begun full shipping of its 8801 Channel Strip, a 1U rackmount module that incorporates a Neve mic preamp, four bands of EQ, a compressor, gate and dynamics – all based on the design of its flagship 88R analogue recording desk. And in a eventful period for the manufacturer, a customised version of the 88RS music console has been installed by 20th Century Fox at its Newman Scoring Stage in Los Angeles, writes David Davies.

The 8801 – which offers a 192kHz digital option for DAW-based producers – features a Neve mic pre that is followed by hi-pass and low-pass filters, four bands of EQ, compressor, gate dynamics side chain and insert point; the order of the facilities may be changed as required. An optional analogue-to-digital converter includes all standard sample rates to 192kHz and direct-to-DSD conversion, while the unit is provided with Neve Recall software for Mac or PC.

Frank Massam, vice-president of business development for AMS Neve, tells PSN-e: “We were pleasantly surprised with the demand for the 8801 Channel Strip. It’s the first time we’ve ever engineered a full channel strip with dynamics into a single rack space, and we think this really tapped into producers’ desires for a convenient, ‘all-in-one’ way to get that legendary ‘hand-built’ Neve sound. We secured massive pre-orders for the 8801 – placing it within the top five Neve outboard products of all time – and we’re now shipping worldwide in significant quantities.”

In other recent news, legendary movie house 20th Century Fox has installed a custom AMS Neve 88RS analogue music console for its Newman Scoring Stage in Los Angeles. The desk – which will be used to record scoring sessions for major film and TV productions – was specifically customised for Fox with a 96 I/O configuration as well as a scoring matrix. According to the manufacturer, the result is the largest AMS Neve analogue console ever developed.

The AMS Neve 88RS – sold to 20th Century Fox by John Hart of Audio Agent LLC – joins several Neve DFC film scoring consoles already in use at the facility.

“The 5.1 scoring matrix, the I/O configuration, the automation – everything was exactly what we needed and wanted,” observed Denis Saint-Amand, scoring project engineer at Fox. “It’s essentially two consoles for the price of one, since we can assign the first 48 tracks to the main recording system and still have 36 scoring stem busses. And we now have the ability to mix in a highly automated environment, further adding to the flexibility of the stage.”

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