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Alta Moda comes to Europe

test 1 September 2009

US/EUROPE: The Hawaii-based pro-audio manufacturer is able to call on a newly-established dealer network in Europe, writes David Davies. Alta Moda Audio products – which include the Unicomp all-discrete stereo compressor/limiter as well as a line of modules for API-compatible 500-series rack enclosures (including the AM-10 single channel compressor/limiter, pictured) – were previously available in the US and Canada only.

A long-time stalwart of the LA studio scene, Alta Moda president Paul Ricchiuti relocated to Hawaii five years ago and began building a product portfolio headed by the Unicomp compressor/limiter.

"I initially sold them mainly in Los Angeles with no sales network," recalls Ricchiuti of Alta Moda’s early days. "Units were brought around and demo’d by friends of mine who were all accomplished recording engineers and producers. I also had units in prestige recording studios, such as Ocean Way Recording and Conway Studios. As sales picked up, I started to add real dealers on."

More recently, Ricchiuti has added API 500 series modules as a "more affordable" option to the Unicomp, and is currently preparing a mastering equalizer and a mic pre that "both have their own unique style and capabilities".

Simultaneously, Alta Moda is pouring considerable energies into the European market, having received "many enquiries through the years" about availability. "As our dealership network expands through Europe with quality dealers, we can better serve and support those who want to obtain our products through local authorised dealers," concludes Ricchiuti.

Alta Moda’s European dealers include Funky Junk in the UK, Flyline Music in Switzerland, Mastering Mansion Madrid in Spain, and Jukebox in France.

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